Tourism in the city



Experience Nature

Botanical Garden

Come and visit this beautiful space where diverse vegetable species are cultivated. Wood, seeds, and other collectible products are displayed in the adjacent hall.
It was created in 1977 by the initiative of a group of neighbors to use the small square that is located at the intersection of Pueyrredón St, Colón Avenue, and Barrio Obrero, to build the Botanical Garden of Las Flores. The stones used for the ornamentation of the pond were brought from Tandil; and the fish for the pond (hybrid carp, of varied and striking colors) were brought from the Japanese Garden of Escobar.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm / Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Contact: 02241 470857

Plaza Montero Park

Come and visit the main natural attraction of Las Flores, with its extensive Difunto Manuel Lagoon, inhabited by swans, coots, coypus and capybaras. Apart from its natural privileges, it also has a great variety of recreational options. Get ready to practice water sports like canoeing or enjoy long walks, bike rides, and wildlife watching. In addition, you can use its camping area which offers excellent facilities such as restrooms with hot water showers, tables, grills, bonfires, playgrounds, sports areas, a convenience store, and security on the premises.

Per person per day (charge per camper).

· $500 for the use of grills, showers, restrooms, and all the services provided in the park.
· $400 for the use of grills and campfires to all those who have not paid the camping fee.
· $400 for the use of hot showers to anyone who has not paid the camping fee.
· $1400 per day for the parking of mobile homes, trailers, motorhomes, or similar and/or the use of the stud.
· $600 for the monthly use of fairground space.
· $1400 for the use of playgrounds or inflatables.

Children under six free of charge.

Contact: 02244-15-426032

Lagoon. Natural Reserve

This 29-hectare municipal reserve protects part of the “Difunto Manuel” Lagoon, an important variety of flora, pampas grassland, reed beds, fauna including capybaras, coypus, lagoon turtles and more than 90 species of birds including black-necked swans, coots, macaws and herons, many of which are nesting.


Located in different parts of the city, the Mitre, Italia, España and Sol Squares are the meeting point for social integration and interaction, featuring playgrounds for children and pathways that enhance access to green spaces and pedestrian mobility for all residents.

Discover the Culture

Mapa Art Space

It is a self-managed art project established in 2012 with a strong focus on art management and production. The space is known for showcasing individual and collective exhibitions by artists from our city and from other places. The pandemic prompted MAPA to also venture into a new exhibition experience through the Virtual Gallery “Caminos del Mapa” (MAPA Pathways). The first exhibition in this new format featured the works of photographer Eduardo Dubor. Currently, you can explore the impressive works of local artist Pablo Solo Díaz in the mentioned Virtual Gallery. To contact this important local cultural space, visit its official website at:

25 de Mayo Public Library

The 25 de Mayo Public Library possessed 900 volumes in 1929 and it received recognition from the Society for the Protection of Popular Libraries at that time. It now houses over 60,000 books of various genres on its shelves. Since its beginnings, the library has always been a permanent source of consultation for local students, whereas its members constantly borrow books for their reading pleasure.

Spanish Theater

In March 1925, the imposing building of the Sociedad Española witnessed Carlos Gardel’s performance alongside José Razzano.
The theater operated as a cinema for many years and numerous theatrical plays were performed in it, although after various periods, it fell into a state of abandonment. In 1991, the Municipality of Las Flores leased the theater and managed to restore it. Throughout its history, the old architectural structure has served as a stage for various Argentine and foreign cultural artistic expressions, public and political events, conferences, puppet shows, choirs, bands, school parties, exhibitions, and student competitions. With a capacity for 537 spectators, the Teatro Español de Las Flores is today one of the most emblematic buildings of our community.

Del Borde Theater

Do not miss the diverse range of outstanding theatrical productions, such as the Annual Del Borde Theater Encounter. This event brings together different artistic groups from all over the country and abroad to participate of and enjoy the different proposals offered by the theatrical space in Las Flores. Due to its positive impact on the positioning and development of theater in our city, the Annual Del Borde Theater Encounter has been declared “Of Cultural Interest” by the National Secretary of Culture, the Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires, and the Honorable City Council of Las Flores.

Enjoy your free time

Skating rink

Located within Plazoleta Las Flores, at the intersection of San Martín Avenue and Pellegrini Street, the Skating Rink was inaugurated on November 13, 1994. It was a project undertaken by the Lions Club of our city and designed by architect José Luis Canú. The Skating Rink is surrounded by children’s playgrounds, benches, tables, and a carousel. It is currently named Jenifer Ledesma in honor of a young skater who tragically passed away in a traffic accident on the day a delegation from Las Flores traveled to compete in Buenos Aires.

Municipal Heated Swimming Pool

Come and enjoy the semi-Olympic municipal heated swimming pool, which offers excellent facilities, a gym area, showers, a viewpoint, and permanent administrative and sports services.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Saturdays, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm/ 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Nestor Kirchner Municipal Recreation Center

Come and enjoy a different afternoon at the largest swimming pool in the city at the Nestor Kirchner Municipal Recreation Center. During the summer season, it is open every day from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Admission is free, and children under 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Before entering, a medical examination will be conducted at the entrance of the premises. Please remember to follow the current protocols for outdoor swimming pools.

Relive the Heritage

Historical Museum

Located in the former jail, built in 1878, the museum’s independent rooms have been interconnected and adapted for museum use. It consists of a very spacious hall, which was once the large block of the jail, a small room that was the small chamber, and four small spaces corresponding to the four dungeons.

It is worth visiting as it provides insight into our local history, displaying a wide range of items within its limited physical space, including weapons collections, objects from the Las Flores National Guards Battalion, gaucho elements, religious items, maps, documents, books, coins, wedding dresses, various machinery, ornaments, signs, banknotes, clothing, musical instruments, photographs, flags, and pieces of furniture.

Visiting Hours:
Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm.
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Civic Center

Located on Rivadavia Avenue, the Nuestra Señora del Carmen parish church, the Municipal Palace and the building of School Nº 21, make up a group of great architectural value, built by the Italian architect Don Pedro Petrocchi. These three buildings, with the fountain and its cobblestone street, testify to the political, religious and educational history of our city.

Normal School

Its creation was the result of a long process of paperwork carried out by a committee of neighbors before the national authorities. The Escuela Normal Mixta de Maestros de Las Flores was finally created in 1917 and it represents an educational icon of the city and the country.

Red Hall

Come and visit this architectural construction of strong patrimonial value. Designed and conceived to be like one of the great halls of the Palace of Versailles, the Red Hall of the Municipality of Las Flores was thought as a place for the reception and conduction of important events of a city that was projected to be great and progressive.

Railroad Station

After the negotiations that started in 1900, on January 27, 1909, the new train station of Las Flores was released to the public. From that moment on, Las Flores became the most important railroad center of the Province of Buenos Aires. Development and progress arrived in Las Flores in a vertiginous way. The railroad in our city got to employ more than 1,200 people and the urban center started growing at the pace of a means of transport that brought growth on its tracks. This can be witnessed when visiting the surroundings of the station with its buildings, hotels, restaurants and other businesses.


It was built by Juan Cingolani in memory of the founders and neighbors who pursued the progress of the District on the occasion of the centenary of its creation. Inaugurated on December 23, 1939, it is located at the intersection of Sarmiento and San Martin Avenues, giving an original frame to the city.
Height 12.5 mts.

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