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Get ready to feel welcomed by nature, enjoy the scenery and relax in the comfort offered by the innovative Glamping accommodation in yurts (which is a traditional construction of the nomadic peoples of the Mongolian steppe) or stay at the Ecocamping. You can also tour the natural constructions, shop at the fair trade store and fall in love with the night sky while enjoying the campfire. Stars, planets, figures and constellations become night hosts without the need of a telescope. Come to spend the day and night by yourself, with a partner, friends, and family. It can also be booked for group activities. Yamay is awaiting for you to live an unforgettable experience of sustainable life.

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Bioy Casares Museum and Library

On weekends the Adolfo Bioy Casares Museum is open to the public. It is located in the Train Station, in the rural town of Pardo, a place full of history and identity. In one of the adjoining rooms of the Museum, there is also an annex of the Pablo Minellono Municipal Public Library. Undoubtedly, a good place to visit, with free admission.

Contact: 1141808707  (Gabriela)
Visiting Hours: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.


Perpetual Help Chapel

Founded on July 16, 1893.
In 1892, Juan Bautista Bioy ordered the construction of a chapel that was opened the following year under the name of “Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro” (Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help).
In 1995, Ordinance No. 1526 declared it a “Historical Monument”.


Our Lady of Luján Chapel

Our Lady of Luján Chapel, part of the Diocese of Azul, was erected by Carlos Ruiz Santana and the Neighborhood Commission. The laying and blessing of the foundation stone was on May 19, 1929, and the inauguration and celebration of the first religious building in the area was on January 25, 1931.
Every year, during the month of May, the community pays homage to the Virgin with a procession that leaves from Las Flores to the rural area, to later celebrate the traditional mass and blessing of the pilgrims.

Railroad Station

The Rosas station was inaugurated in July 1872, when the F.C. del Sud enabled its extension from the Salado station (nowadays General Belgrano) to Las Flores and it is located at kilometer 192 from Plaza Constitución.
At present, the old station is the site of the municipal delegation and is the scene of various local celebrations such as the Fiesta del Cordero Deshuesado (Boneless Lamb Festival). 

El Gualichu

El Gualichu Stream Resort

The bathing resort of El Gualichu stream is located about 25 km to the south of the city on Provincial Route Nº 30. It stands out for its landscape with a winding route and for the forestation of its banks. It is ideal for fishing (catfish, tararira, mullet, pejerrey, carp and dentex), camping or simply enjoying a family day outdoors.

El Trigo

Railroad Station

This place was born in 1926, when the railroad station was inaugurated, initially called Kilometer 190. Two years later, it would begin to be called “El Trigo”. The passenger service was closed in 1961 and the freight service continued until 1968, and finally its tracks were lifted in the mid-seventies. Today, the station is the headquarters of the local police station.

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